Mobile learning is flexible.

Learning with an app


Learn where you want

First learn mobile, then be mobile.

We use the online driver’s license training from Vogel-verlag “Fahrenlernen Max”. So you can learn whenever and wherever you want. You can make good use of boring waiting times on the bus and on the road. The app runs on your computer at home as well as on your smartphone. The content of the app adapts to your learning progress. You will also be supported with numerous learning aids.

As soon as you have registered with us, you will receive the app incl. Learning materials for installation on your PC and the download link for your smartphone.

Learning assistant

The learning assistant guides you comfortably through all the questions until you are ready for the theory test.

Exam simulation

Experience the realistic exam situation and answer the questions under the same time pressure as in the real exam.

Dates at a glance

As soon as your driving instructor gives you an appointment, it will appear in your app. This means you always know exactly when and where you will be picked up and never forget any appointments.

Learning status

You can see your current training status at a glance in the app. This way you can plan precisely and know which hours you are still missing.

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