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If the children want to become independent.

"Dad ... I'd like a driver's license!"

You know this yourself: growing up automatically brings with it the desire for independence. It is not surprising that this is almost inseparable from the desire for mobility. But you need a driver’s license for this.

They usually talk about it among themselves at school. Some of the school friends already have a driver’s license and recommend a driving school. As we have already fulfilled the dream of mobility for many learner drivers in Munich, we would not be surprised if we were also recommended.

Of course, you can also get a personal impression of the driving lessons yourself by accompanying your offspring on a driving lesson: Nothing stands in the way of you driving along.

Learning concept

Making mistakes is normal when you enter new territory. They are even expressly desired, because your children learn from them.


Our vehicles are suitable for novice drivers and equipped with pioneering technology.

with fear

We have also adapted to more anxious students by having some driving instructors complete additional training to become anxiety trainers.

Learning concept

Learning from home and on the go is possible with the mobile learning app, so that good preparation for theory lessons is guaranteed.

Flexibility and savings

Our tip: Class B197

Since 01.04.2021, the introduction of the national key number 197 has given learner drivers the option of learning mainly on a car with automatic transmission and taking the driving test on it. Only 10 driving lessons are necessary to have complete flexibility in the choice of vehicle later on.

This variant ensures relaxed learning (especially at the beginning) and an equally relaxed conclusion, as the practical test can also be taken with an automatic car. It pays off!

Questions frequently asked by parents

Frequently asked questions

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It is not possible to give an exact amount in advance, as each student learns individually and at different speeds. However, we have created a price calculator so that you can get as accurate an overview as possible of the possible costs. Here you can see the fixed costs and the variable costs (number of driving lessons) of the driving school as well as all additional costs incurred externally (TÜV, municipal fees, etc.).

Of course - that is easily possible. However, there is a surcharge of €10.00 per driving lesson (which we pass on to our driving instructors).

Yes, this is even expressly desired, because the learner drivers then make more of an effort. However, the prerequisite for this is that your child agrees to this.

Of course, the missing lessons can then be made up in the following month. The block lessons take place once a month. Your child can then start the next month where they left off.

We make it very simple. We fill out the applications together with you (both the initial driver's license application and, if applicable, the one for accompanied driving). All you then have to do is send the application by post.

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