Driving license from 17 - instead of waiting until 18.

Accompanied driving (BF17)


Everything you need to know about BF17.

Get your driver's license at 17

There are numerous activities that are only permitted from the age of 18, although you can look forward to them much earlier. Driving is definitely one of them! However, since the legislator introduced accompanied driving (BF 17), there has been an opportunity to obtain a driver’s license at the age of 17. It is therefore possible for you to start driver training from the age of 16 ½. You can only take the theory test when you are 16 years and 9 months old.

The procedure is as follows: After successfully passing the test, you will be issued a provisional driving license in the form of a test certificate at the age of 17. However, in this case you must be accompanied by an adult driver.

The requirement to ride only when accompanied no longer applies when you reach the age of 18. From this point on, the relevant driving license office will issue you with your EU driving license. Incidentally, the processing fees charged by the City of Munich already include both the examination certificate and the driving license.


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Requirements for the accompanying person

The basic idea behind BF17 is that young people can benefit from the experience of adults. It does not matter whether they are parents, acquaintances or employees of the training company.

Rather, it is important that they fulfill certain requirements. If they do, they can easily become your BF 17 companions.

Incidentally, there is no legal limit on the number of accompanying persons. It therefore makes sense to name as many as possible. Make sure that you need a supplementary sheet for each accompanying person when applying. You may have to print this out several times.

Answers to questions you may have about BF17

Frequently asked questions

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The theory test may be taken at the earliest 3 months before your 17th/18th birthday. The practical exam can be taken up to 1 month before your 17th/18th birthday. birthday can be filed. Once you have successfully passed the examinations, you will be issued with a test certificate. Your two-year probationary period begins with the issue.

There is no restriction on the number of accompanying persons you choose for the BF17 program. As a rule, two accompanying persons are named, but you must specify at least one person in your application. To ensure that you have the opportunity to sit behind the wheel yourself as often as possible, you should think about specifying other accompanying persons. Because the more people are registered on the test certificate, the more often you can take the opportunity to gain driving experience!

No - apart from the small administrative fees. At the beginning, 17-year-olds receive a so-called "examination certificate" on which the accompanying persons are registered. Once you have successfully passed your driving test, you will receive a certificate which you must present to your local authority. You will then receive the examination certificate.

Yes, there are restrictions. As a participant in the BF17 program, you are now also allowed to drive in Austria in compliance with the German accompanying requirements. However, it is strongly recommended that you clarify this with your liability insurance company beforehand.

If you violate the Driving License Ordinance, you are committing a serious offence. This will result in your driving license being revoked. If this offense occurs during the probationary period (which is very likely), you could face an extension of the probationary period as well as a fine. In addition, you must complete an advanced training seminar before being issued a new driving license and will receive one point in the driving aptitude register in Flensburg. We therefore strongly advise against such escapades!

In any case, the insurance policy for the car you are using must be adjusted. In some cases, the insurance contract specifies a minimum age for the driver because this is rewarded with lower insurance premiums. If this is not adjusted, you could have major problems in the event of damage.

No, you are and remain responsible for driving the vehicle yourself. You are liable for any violation.

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