Driver's license for passenger cars

The B classes


Class B driving license: Enjoy freedom on 4 wheels!

Everything you need to know about your car driver's license

Getting your car driving license (category B) is easier than you might think – especially if you approach the matter without panic and stress. We design your driver’s license training right from the start so that it is always tailored to your individual learning pace. We will always keep an eye on your progress and discuss the next steps with you.

What’s more, you don’t have to worry about any mistakes at any time. You are here to learn – not because you are expected to know everything already.

You can find out more about this on our “Specials” page, where we go into detail about the promises we make to all our learner drivers.

The car driving license classes

General information

Klasse B - Schaltwagen-Schaltgetriebe - Führerschein

Class B / B78

Motor vehicles – except motorcycles – with a maximum authorized mass of no more than 3,500 kg and with no more than eight seats in addition to the driver’s seat.

Also with trailer up to 750 kg. If the trailer weighs more than 750 kg, it may also be driven with category B, provided that the maximum permissible mass of the car plus the maximum permissible mass of the trailer does not exceed 3,500 kg.

Included classes: AM and L.


B197 - The new automatic control!

The class or key number B197 offers you nothing but advantages. Although you learn to drive manual and automatic transmissions, you take your test in an automatic car. Most learner drivers find this a great relief in the practical test. Here are the facts:

What you need for the application and registration

Prerequisite & registration

Class B (all classes)

Driving license from 17 (BF 17)

What many people want to know about practical training

Frequently asked questions

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Sure! This is of course possible. If you are asking yourself this question, your consent is certainly a given. If you want to ride with someone, you should ask for their permission beforehand. If he doesn't mind, you are welcome to come and see how a practical driving lesson with us works.

Absolutely! You are welcome to brush up on your driving skills in all B classes as well as in the trailer classes. Only the costs for the driving lessons will be charged, nothing else.

It is important to us to prepare our learner drivers for "real driving life". In our opinion, this also includes completing a long-distance journey. That's why we like to combine the special trips with longer routes of 200 - 300 km. This way you will also experience what a longer ride feels like.

As already mentioned, you are welcome to join a friend for a driving lesson and get a true-to-life impression of us. It is also possible to test the theory lessons free of charge. The best thing about it: if you like it and decide to train with us, your test lesson will be credited directly!

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