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Driving license classes


All driving licenses for cars and trailers

The classes at a glance

On the following pages of our website you will find detailed information on the different vehicle classes that we teach. Whether you want to experience the versatility of driving or intend to tow trailers – we offer the right driving license for your needs. We explain the differences between the B classes and trailer driving licenses as well as the associated opportunities and challenges.

We also go into the requirements that you must meet in order to obtain the respective driving licenses. We cover topics such as the minimum age, the documents required for adults and young people and the special aspects of accompanied driving. Our aim is to ensure that you are fully informed and well prepared to successfully master the path to your driver’s license.

Our driving school is young and modern. At the same time, we have been based in Giesing for over 20 years. It is now being run by the 2nd generation.

It stands for quality, safety and success. We are passionate and committed to offering you the best possible training. Our modern training vehicles are equipped with the latest technologies to make your learning experience safe and effective.

What training courses do we offer?

The driving license classes

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