Driving license for trailers

The BE & B96 classes


Learning by doing.

Everything you need to know about the trailer driver's license

Even long-time drivers often have problems with driving a trailer. Reversing in particular is a nightmare for many people. However, it can sometimes take many laps around the block to find a parking space where you can park forwards.

But it’s quite simple. With us, you will learn how it works without any problems. The size of the trailer does not matter. Because it’s all about knowing how.

The driving license classes for trailers

General information

Class BE

Combination of category B tractor units and trailers with a maximum permissible mass of over 750 kg. The trailer must not have a maximum permissible mass of more than 3,500 kg.

With driving license category BE, you can therefore drive a towing weight of 7 tons in total(car 3.5 t and trailer 3.5 t).

Class B96

Class B motor vehicles and trailers. In this case, however, the permissible total mass of the towing vehicle plus trailer must not exceed a combined weight of 4,250 kg.

What you need for the application and registration

Prerequisite & registration

Class BE

Class BE (BF17)

Class B96

Class BE (BF17)

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