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Driving school


Changing driving school - is that possible?

When can I change driving school?

It is generally possible to change driving school at any time. It is recommended that you only consider changing after completing the theory test. You will find more detailed information on this in your training contract, in which such matters are recorded in writing.

In general, however, it can be said that changing driving school can probably be the best decision under certain circumstances. Otherwise, if you have explained your reasons and nothing changes, you could be wasting time, energy and money.

When you should think about switching

Reasons for a change

Tone of voice

The driving instructor's tone of voice is at the top of the list of reasons for changing driving school. Of course, mistakes and problems must be addressed and corrected. However, if this happens in a harsh, unfriendly tone (and possibly regularly), then you should consider changing.

Learning outcomes

You have poor learning results because your driving instructor is busy with all sorts of things, but not you. Constant phone calls during your driving lessons are not a sign that you are paying attention. It can easily happen that you are understandably not satisfied with your learning progress.


You don't like the atmosphere. Not in the driving school, not in the group. Of course, this can happen. But if nothing changes in the long term, then you may simply be in the wrong place.

We love what we do.

Why join us?

It is our aim and our concern that our learner drivers not only learn to drive, but also enjoy doing so. We take criticism seriously because it is the basis on which we can always improve. Better – that means even closer to your needs.

We deal with your fears and, of course, your mistakes with understanding. Because both are completely normal and are part of an apprenticeship.

And of course you can also get to know your driving instructor beforehand to get a personal impression. Simply make an appointment with us – we look forward to seeing you.

You might have these questions

Frequently asked questions about changing driving school

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Yes, absolutely. Depending on the terms and conditions and contract content, you may otherwise incur additional costs. Even if you no longer appear there.

No. Simply have a training certificate issued so that you have proof of the hours you have already completed in theory lessons and practical driving lessons.

The easiest way is to come to us with your training certificate. We will then take care of the registration and arrange everything else for you.

The question of the costs of changing driving schools cannot be answered in general terms. As already mentioned, this depends very much on the training contract you have signed.

If you have decided to switch, we strongly advise you to cancel driving lessons that have already been arranged so that you do not have to pay for them.

With us, you can factor in an exchange fee of €349.00.

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