Change driving school

Sometimes switching to another driving school is the last and only sensible option. We’ll show you how to do it and the best way to get through it.

Information for parents

Every child wants to be independent at some point – a driver’s license and thus mobility are an essential step towards this. Here you can find out why we are a reliable partner for you and your child.

B-class cars

Information about classes B and and B197 (also BF17). What is included, what does the new automatic regulation look like? Requirements and registration.


An important question in relation to the driver’s license is the cost. In our price calculator, you can find out how much the complete driving license costs, incl. is ancillary costs.

Accompanied driving (BF17)

Don’t want to wait until you’re 18 to get your driver’s license? BF17 makes it possible. Find out all about the legal framework and the requirements for the accompanying person here.